PARKS London Ten Tot Gift Set 'Black Magic'

PARKS London Ten Tot Gift Set 'Black Magic'

Especially created for the more discerning and sophisticated. The scents were formulated by world leading perfumers with only the finest essential oils to infuse your day with beautiful scents and indulge you with a fabulous pampering experience.

Each product has been carefully made to delight the user. Quintessential English luxury at your fingertips.

Parks specialise in the manufacture of natural products so you can be assured of quality and purity.


Gift Set includes:


10 x 5cl candles. 37g of fragranced wax. Burn time: 8 hrs per candle. Dimension of each candle:Height 5.5cm. Diameter: 4.5cm.


71A Parks Original

71B Cedar Vetiver Patchouli

71C Bergamot Rose

71D White Jasmine Ylang Ylang

71E Lavender Lilac

71F Orange Lemongrass


And also four fragrances from our Aromatherapy range:


NW16 Cinnamon & Clove

NW43 Cognac - Bergamot, Orange Flower, Amber

NW40 Verbena

NW41 Berries

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