PARKS London Moods Colour Therapy Diffuser Black 250 ml

PARKS London Moods Colour Therapy Diffuser Black 250 ml

Our Moods range is inspired by Colour Therapy and the wonders of Feng Shui, Chi and Ying & Yang. Each glass will be in its own respective colour and the finish product will then be packed in a luxury rigid gift box, again in the appropriate colour. Apart from being a wonderful ornamental treat for the home it can also be helpful to introduce specific colours for a positive effect. Many people have gained benefit from the different influences and meanings associated with colour. The scents have been carefully chosen to compliment the mood/colour and are derived from the highest quality essential oils.
All of our diffusers are made with 100% Natural Glycerine and the finest essential oil based perfumes.

  • No alcohol/ethanol used so our diffusers are not classified as dangerous/hazardous goods.
  • From sustainable and renewable resources
  • All ingredients sourced from North America and Europe only
  • No Ingredients from Bovine, Ovine, Caprine or any other animal source are used. All ingredients are natural plant derived.
  • Each component is free from animal testing
  • Made in England at our Hartlebury factory in the heart of the British countryside

A warm fragrance made from precious woods expertly blended with the essential oils of Cedarwood, patchouli, birch then combined with oakmoss accord, raspberry and musks. Sophisticated, familiar and nostalgic

250ml                                                                                                                                            27cm long reeds