Glampalm Hairdryer GP711

Glampalm Hairdryer GP711

We have raised the bar with this state-of-the-art hair dryer and it is a WINNER! Infused with Healing Stone Technology™, preventing hair from split ends and damage. Not for nothing this hair dryer is called the AERO. Maximum performance with stronger air pressure, faster airflow, minimal vibration and superior heat transfer. Its power and wind speed are incredibly fast splitting the water drops exponentially in two instead of blowing them away.

A NEW way of fast drying preventing loss of moisture and shine.

The AERO is all about creating a concentrated airflow with even speed and temperature!

Healing Stone Technology

Special ceramic coated coils and grille infused with Healing Stone Technology ™ prevent hair from any damage. The heat that heals!

Peak drying performance

Lock-in Turbo Boost maintains maximum drying power. Three optimal heat settings and variable speed controls including a cool button.

Dries the hair but doesn't dry out the hair!

Airflow settings

  • I : to finish styling or dry damp hair.
  • II : create your style fast without damaging or drying out the hair.

Ergonomically designed

Specially designed body to ensure maximum airflow with an ergonomically designed grip minimising wrist fatigue. The AERO lays perfectly in the hand, is lightweight and a 3.2 metre cable for flexibility of use. The special designed motor extends life of the dryer up to 15x longer.

Far-infrared ray and anions

Advanced ionic technology ensures lock-in moisture while making hair softer and glossier than ever before. Dries the hair, doesn't dry out the hair!

Maximum airflow

Two special designed nozzles to ensure maximum and evenly distributed airflow. The nozzles are designed in such a special way to prevent flying off during use due to the heat.

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