Glampalm Hairdryer GP709

Glampalm Hairdryer GP709
An innovative ANTI-FRIZZ hairdryer with Healing Stone Technology™ preventing hair from damage. Enhances and protects coloured hair. Dries the hair, doesn't dry it out!
This ergonomic hairdryer is lightweight with a rapid drying time and a noise-reduced motor. These are only a few features of innovative our hairdryer which will also reduce power consumption, wrist pain and hearing loss! No heat-protector necessary - Virtually no damage! The heat that heals!

Although the GlamPalm dryer motor creates an efficient 1,300 watts of power it is equivalent to 2,100 watts of a regular hair dryer.

Breakthrough technology ensures the dryer is lighter and faster than others!


Healing Stone Technology

Special ceramic coated coils with Healing Stone Technology prevent hair from any damage. The heat that heals!

Rapid drying

Optimal drying temperature of 165C and variable speed controls including a cool button.

Dries the hair but doesn't dry out the hair!

Airflow settings

  • LOW : to finish styling or dry damp hair.
  • HIGH : create your style without damaging or drying out the hair.
  • TURBO : to dry wet hair quickly and then change to 'high' to style.
  • COOL : to lock the hair style in place and add shine.

Noise reduced motor

Innovative noise reduced motor without compromising professional strength.

Ergonomically designed

Specially designed body to ensure maximum airflow with an ergonomically designed grip minimising wrist fatigue. The GP709 lays perfectly in the hand, is lightweight at 408grams with perfectly distributed weight and a 3.2 metre cable for flexibility during use. No filter design

Through our special technology the future looks bright, light and clean. No more dusty filters as with our NO FILTER DESIGN ensures a 100% dual airflow into the special designed noise-reduced motor.

Far-infrared ray and anions

Advanced ionic technology ensures lock in moisture while making hair softer and glossier than ever before. Dries the hair, doesn't dry out the hair!

Maximum airflow

Specially designed nozzle to ensure maximum and evenly distributed airflow.

  • Healing Stone Technology - Virtually No Damage!
  • Noise reduced motor
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Rapid Drying
  • Lightweight
  • Weight evenly distributed
  • Far-infrared Ray and Anions
  • 3.2m cord with loop
  • Retro design
  • One year warranty

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