Glampalm Straightener GP232

The flat iron for the smartphone generation or for on the go thanks to GlamPalm's SENSE™ Technology.
The SimpleTouch is the newest innovation with SENSE™ Technology from GlamPalm’s labs - the world’s first motion-activated flat iron.
A perfect entry model without buttons or switches - simply tap the plates together once to turn it on!
Our new technology has reduced heat time to less than ten seconds – less time waiting and more time styling.
Seamlessly switch between two heat settings (165°/330 and 195°/383 C/F) by tapping twice or three times.
Never worry about leaving a flat iron on and burning something – the Simple Touch has a 35 second SENSE™ auto-shutdown timer.
# Tap activated controls for easy, intuitive use. SIMPLETOUCH include:
# Lightning fast heating time with near-instantaneous heat recovery
  • One Year Warranty
  • Heatproof bag and heat cap
# 35 seconds of inactivity causes automatic shutdown
Unique Features
Healing Stone Technology “The dream of virtually no hair damage made a reality by GlamPalm” Breakthrough technology causes NO more damage to the cuticle layer of the hair with natural minerals infused into the special ceramic plates.
Dual Temperature Control
Our advanced SENSE™ Technology means you can simply plug in your Simple Touch and begin to straighten the hair instantly!

Sweat Absorbing Grip An ingenious feature added for professionals which can be enjoyed by all. Continuous use of any tool can cause the hand to sweat but no need to hold on too tight as the special resin coat will absorb the sweat. Just wipe with a damp cloth occasionally to remove any build up.

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