Parks of London - Candles but not as you now them thanks to 'Clean Burn'!

hair by Jo

How often have you spent money on candles, hoping to have a great long lasting fragrance fill the air to find that the candle doesn't smell that much, burns unevenly and ends with what appears to be loads of wax left.........

These are definitely not what you get you buy a 'Parks of London' candle!

Not only can you select from a wide variety of fragrances, wicks, sizes and styles but you will benefit from the Parks 'Clean Burn' technology....

With Parks candles you will get a great even burn all the way to the bottom of candle and you will see that 99.9% of the wax will be used, ensuring that you get 99.9% of the monies worth you spent on the candle. As if that wasn't enough, the great fragrances will fill and envelope far and wide!


Get FREE DELIVERY with discount code: cleanburn but hurry as this offer won't be around for long!!



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